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Golden West College Automotive Required Tools

Only metric tools are needed. Most will fit SAE nuts and bolts.

Deadline: One week after start of class Deadline:  Two weeks after start of class
Shop Attire:  (Required)
Dark blue work shirt and GWC Auto Tech patch


Socket wrenches:
3/8 inch drive ratchet
3/8 inch drive SHALLOW socket  set
(10mm-19MM) 6 point is best
Spark plug sockets: 5/8”, 13/16”
Several 3/8 inch extensions that will give you 12 inches of total extension

Socket  wrenches:
3/8 inch drive DEEP socket set -- 10 piece 5.5mm – 22mm
¼ inch drive ratchet
¼ inch drive socket set -- 5mm to 14mm
Several ¼ inch extensions that will give you 12 inches of total extension

Combination wrench sets:
Metric Combination Wrenches 7mm – 19mm

Channel Lock pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers
Needle nose pliers (the longer the better)
Adjustable open end pliers

Wrenches, other:
Allen wrench set – 8 piece

Magnet (the bigger the better)
Ball peen hammer 16 oz

Screwdrivers:--Standard Length:
#2 Phillips
Flat blade
Pocket screw driver, flat blade

Optional or as required by Instructor:
Star ‘E’ socket and bit set
10 piece ½” metric impact socket set
½ drive breaker bar
½” ratchet w/quick release
4-piece ½” impact extension set
½” drive sockets: 30, 32, 34, 36mm

Tool box
Plastic is fine or tote bag (for your tools)
Test light
Digital multimeter