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Location: Inside the Counseling Division (East Wing of the Admissions Building)

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Associate Degree for Transfer
Associate Degree for Transfer

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Eureka Assessments

All EUREKA assessments yield a list of occupations, appropriate
to your personality, skills and occupational interests.

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Site ID Code: Please contact the Career Center to get Site ID Code at 714-895-8217

Create your personal EUREKA Online account:
1. Go to, Click Sign Up.
2. Under Students/Clients enter Site ID Code, click Next.
3. Complete the personal information form, click Next.
4. Choose a Login name and Password.

Note: Do not put in spaces or special characters. If your desired log in name or password is already taken, you will be directed to try again. For further information on Eureka Assessments contact the Career Center at 714-895-8217.