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Certificates of Achievement

Administrative Assistant
(Pending State Approval)

This certificate will provide the essential business and computer skills needed to gain entrance into top-level administrative assistant positions. The skills acquired with this certificate will prepare one for working closely with business management professionals; assisting physicians with reports, speeches, and conference proceedings; and/or assisting engineers or scientists with correspondence and technical material. Specialized duties include: intermediate to advanced expertise in Microsoft Office Suite such as generating reports, presentations, spreadsheets, charts, coordinating calendars, travel arrangements, expense reports, and all forms of correspondence; Internet proficient; knowledgeable in office procedures and administrative processes.

Required Courses Units
First Year
Semester 1

Business 125 Business English 3 Units
Business 130 Introduction to Business Writing 3 Units
Comp Bus App 117 Proofreading Skills 3 Units
Total Units 9

First Year
Semester 2

Comp Bus App 150 Windows, Introduction 1.5 Units
Comp Bus App 181 MS OFFICE, Introduction 4 Units
OR the following 4 courses meet and/or exceed the requirement of CBA G181:
Comp Bus App G155, Word, Intro
Comp Bus App G160, Excel, Intro
Comp Bus App G165, Access, Intro
Comp Bus App G170, PowerPoint, Intro

Comp Bus App 149 Outlook, Introduction 2 Units
Total Units 7.5

Second Year
Semester 1

Comp Bus App 119 Administrative Business Procedures 3 Units
Comp Bus App 183 MS OFFICE, Intermediate 4 Units
OR the following 4 courses meet and/or exceed the requirement of CBA183:
Comp Bus App G156 Word, Intermediate
Comp Bus App G161 Excel, Intermediate
Comp Bus App G166 Access, Intermediate
Comp Bus App G171, PowerPoint, Intermediate

Comp Bus App 190 Internet, Introduction 1.5 Units
Total Units 8.5

Total Units Required 25