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Computer Business Applications

This certificate of achievement is designed to provide the student with an introduction to computers and computer literacy as well as a working knowledge of the most frequently used computer business application programs common in today’s business office. Some of those duties include: effectively use a computer to process data, manage folders and files, customize the Windows environment, work with hardware and printers; analyze spreadsheet data and create charts and graphs; compose various business documents, such as letters, reports, manuscripts, and memorandums; create and manage a database; integrate information among the various applications; customize and explore a personal information manager and e-mail program to integrate with other technologies; examine business accounting records and perform sound business decisions based on financial reports; and research and evaluate topics on the Internet. Successful completion of this certificate will help students focus on, prepare for, and accomplish the Microsoft Certified Application Professional Certification exam. Some of the courses in this certificate may not be available every semester. Students are requested to check advisories.

Required Courses Units
First Year
Semester 1

Comp Bus App G145 Introduction to Computers 1.5 Units
Comp Bus App G150 Windows, Introduction 1.5 Units
Comp Bus App G151 Windows, Intermediate 1.5 Units
Comp Bus App G181 OFFICE 4 Units
OR the following 4 courses meet or exceed the requirement of CBA G181:
Comp Bus App G155 Word, Intro
Comp Bus App G160 Excel, Intro
Comp Bus App G165 Access, Intro
Comp Bus App G170 PowerPoint, Intro

Comp Bus App G149 Outlook, Introduction 2 Units
Total Units 10.5

First Year
Semester 2

Comp Bus App G183 OFFICE, Intermediate 4 Units
OR the following 4 courses meet or exceed the requirement of CBA G183:
Comp Bus App G156 Word, Intermediate
Comp Bus App G161 Excel, Intermediate
Comp Bus App G166 Access, Intermediate
Comp Bus App G171 PowerPoint, Intermediate

Comp Bus App G157 Word, Advanced 2 Units
Comp Bus App G190 Internet, Introduction 1.5 Units
Comp Bus App G120 QuickBooks Pro 2 Units
Comp Bus App G195 Acrobat, Introduction 1.5 Units
Total Units 11

Total Units Required 21.5