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Copy Center

Phone: 714.892.7711 x55022
TDD: 714.895-8996* | 714.892.7711 x55023*


Location: Cosmetology Building, Room 118

We encourage you to consult with us regarding your printing needs. We may assist you by recommending cost-saving ideas.

Copy Requests

Download the Copy Request Form in PDF format.

You may request copies of your classroom/department material to be printed by the Graphics Services staff by completing a copy request form or may be picked up either in our office or the Mailroom. Please date/time stamp your request at our front counter, attach your originals to the form with a paper clip, and place it in our ‘new jobs’ basket**. Under normal circumstances copy requests are completed within one to two hours from time of submission. All copy requests will be completed in 24 hours, however requests requiring additional services will take longer. For additional information click here.

The Copyform is for jobs that are camera-ready and will be copied on 8 ½ x 11 20# bond paper. The Longform is used when other paper (cardstock, astrobrights, etc.), other sizes (8 ½ x 14 or 11 x 17), or additional services (lamination, graphic design, etc.) are requested. Please click here for general information and requirements regarding incoming work requests.

Completed Requests

If you have provided an e-mail address on your request form, you will be notified electronically when your request is complete. All completed copy requests (except tests) are placed in our copy room on the shelving unit, in no particular order. Completed tests are secured in two locked filing cabinets. Please ask Graphics personnel for your completed tests (be prepared to show GWC Staff and/or photo ID).


In addition to our staff digital copier, there are three self-service digital copy machines for use by faculty and staff for campus related materials only. There are also two copy machines for personal employee or student use located in the LRC/Librayr building [map].

Copy Cards

Copy cards are issued at the request of your division/department secretary. If a material fee is collected for your class, copy materials that are distributed for the students to keep should be charged on the appropriate material fee card. To assist you in filling out the request form, a list of the material fee card number is taped to our front counter. If you wish to do your own copying, the material fee card may be checked out from one of our staff members. Material fee cards are located in a notebook in the copy room. If you are in doubt whether your class has a material fee charge, or if you have any questions regarding the use of material fees, please contact your division office.

Bindery Services

We provide limited bindery services. These services are limited to automated tasks only. This includes collating and stapling (1 or 2 staples) up to 100 pages. Cutting services are also provided. There is an electric 3-hole punch machine available in the copy room for your use. You may also request your copying to be done on pre-punched white paper.

All jobs requiring hand collating, folding, saddle-stitching, perforating, and numbering will be sent off-campus (after we have printed them). Please allow extra time for these services to be completed. Please contact your division/department secretary before submitting jobs that may be sent off-campus.


Transparency material may be purchased at the Bookstore for use in the self-service copiers. Please purchase material that is specifically designed for copy machines. Transparency material that is not designed for copiers will damage our machines.


There is a notebook on our front counter that contains samples of paper and colors that we have in stock. Any of these papers can be selected for your copy request. The price per copy is listed on them. There is an assortment of pastel colors as well as white 8 ½ x 11” paper for use in our self-service copiers. The paper can be found in a shelving unit located near the self-service copiers. We recommend white paper for all of your copying needs as it tends to jam less often than the pastel colored stock. Please note that this paper is only for use in our copy center copiers and is not to be taken out of the building unless you have copied something on it. If you need blank paper, please contact your division/department.

Campus Letterhead

The templates for the college letterheads can be found at:


Note: This drive can only be accessed on campus.

The color letterhead file name is The black letterhead file name is BlackLetterhead.doc

After opening the document, click anywhere in the middle of the page, a text area will appear, and begin typing, you can then save a copy of your completed letter on your computer.

The student trustee changes every year in June, other trustees may change at different intervals, so please always use this file for the most up-to-date information.

Please make sure that you are using the correct letterhead for your correspondence.

Pre-printed two-color letterhead may be purchased at the GWC Bookstore.

Helpful Hints for filling out forms

Double check to make sure your form is complete. The most common error is the omission of the copy card number and/or the number of finished sets requested.

Each side of a printed page is counted as one original. Originals need to be all one-sided or all two-sided (except the last page). No combinations please. When submitting one-sided originals to be printed two-sided, insert blank pages in your original set if you would like the backs of some of your pages to be blank (ex: cover page).

A finished set is equal to the number of pieces after collating, stapling or cutting (ex: two half-sheet items on one original…you would like 500 half sheets…’finished sets’ would be 500…we’ll only print 250 and then cut them in half to equal 500 pieces).


Copy requests that are submitted camera-ready are printed on a first-come, first-served basis, after the request has been date/time stamped and turned in to Graphics Services. If our copy staff is finished with any pending work requests, they will print your job for you while you wait as long as your job meets our requirements. If there are other jobs ahead of yours, your job will be placed underneath them and will be printed in order received. A staff member may be able to give you an estimated time of completion.

All jobs that require extra services (composing, art-work, etc.) before printing will be date stamped again by Graphics personnel before going to print, and will be printed in date order by the second date stamp.


When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask! We’ll try to answer your questions, or find one of our staff members who can.

*These two phone numbers are located inside our Copy Room. The TDD is the best way to reach our key operator from 7:30 am – 4:15 pm (except lunch/breaks). During lunch/breaks and from 4:15-closing please call x55023. If you receive no answer at x55023, please call x55022 during the hours of 8 am-5 pm.

**Friday Evening/Weekend Only Instructors—please click here for alternative drop box information.