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Historical Overview

The Graphics/Publications area has grown considerably since inception, while staffing has declined. This area originally consisted of the Graphics area exclusively, which was the Graphic Design area, press operation, front office including typing services for instructors. The staff included: two full-time Graphic Designers; one full-time and one half-time Graphic Composers; four full-time press operators; two-half time typists; one full-time Staff Aide; one half-time front office assistant; a full-time Supervisor; as well as numerous 160-day employees.

In the late 1990’s areas were combined and The Graphics/Publication area grew to include: a full-service Copy Room, PBX/Switchboard, Mailroom, and Keys. This entire operation is now being run by approximately the same number of employees as was the Graphics area exclusively. Additionally all of these service areas (with the exception of the graphic design area) have their ‘peaks’ at the same time, so it is difficult for them to help each other. To provide adequate service, they must all be staffed at all times. Unfortunately this is not always possible due to illness and vacation. During this time period the Administrative Services area was told to cut approx. one million dollars from their budget and with this cut services and employees were lost. We lost almost all of our 160-day temp employees and began sending almost all of our bindery services off-campus. As the equipment aged, it was not replaced as we did not have the personnel to operate it. In 1999 the Senior Staff Assistant position was reorganized to be the Supervisor and this position was not replaced, leaving both job responsibilities in one. Due to the new policy regarding 160-day employees, our 24 hour per week hourly position had to be reduced to fill in for vacations, illness, and peak periods exclusively. In May 2004 we temporarily moved a half-time Mailroom Clerk to the front office area of Graphics. This position has helped to reduce some of the strain on the department; however it is not permanent yet.

Several improvements have been made over the years. The most noticeable event was making the new Copy Room (late 1990’s). This combined one copier and full-time staff member located in the pressroom and two self-service copiers located in the Mailroom. While there was much faculty objection to the move of the self-service copiers to this new Copy Room (due to location on campus), the customer service went from 0% to 1000% almost overnight! This area receives consistent high praise for customer service.

Improvement in Technology and the use of it have also greatly affected our department. Our Graphics Program can provide job tracking and pricing functions that in the past were done by hand. The program also notifies customers via e-mail when their jobs are complete. The Mailroom staff notifies recipients of packages via e-mail instead of placing stickers on their mailbox. The Graphic Design area can now do everything on their computers instead of having to produce and paste-up jobs by hand. We have four networked copiers in our Copy Room and send jobs to them on a regular basis. Instructors can now e-mail their jobs from home (or office) to us. Copier and Mailroom meter accounting information is now downloaded instead of having to be input by hand.

The Graphics/Publications Department is a compilation of several service areas that support our campus community. The Mailroom provides: package notification, bulk mailing, certified mail, express mail, first class, and presort mail. The area processes all incoming and outgoing mail to/for the campus. The PBX/Switchboard operator receives all incoming calls to the college for those that choose to remain on the line to be helped or that press “O” for the Operator. The calls are then transferred to the appropriate area/person. The operator also assists on-campus personnel with the placement of long distance calls. Copy Center personnel assist instructors by either reproducing their work for them, or by assisting them on the self-service copy machines. Although some work is done for non-instructional areas (Student Services, Administrative Services), the bulk of the work is done in support of Instruction. We guarantee a 24-hr turnaround for copy jobs, however most jobs are usually completed within one hour. Extended hours are offered for our Copy Room, as well as the option to e-mail work requests/jobs to us. Instructor Syllabi are also reproduced for our Bookstore to sell to students. Keys are distributed and collected from the Graphics area (and by Evening Operations on occasion). All recordkeeping functions are also performed (key/lock/room records as well individual personnel records of those that have keys checked out). Again, the bulk of the work is done in support of Instruction. While the other areas have employees with keys checked out, the area of Instruction has a high classroom/employee turnover rate. Some divisions have faculty assigned to one area on campus (ie. Math/Sciences), while others such as Language Arts have their faculty assigned all over campus, with rooms changing every semester. In our Graphic Design Area* we provide all graphic design for the campus with the exception of Public Relations and Foundation work which is done by their own graphic designer. We also update on-going publications. Our pressroom produces all copy jobs in excess of 2,000 copies, business cards, brochures, registration materials, postcards, invitations, programs, etc. With our current equipment, we are able to produce one and two color jobs (sometimes three, depending on the registration). All four-color work is sent off-campus. We also provide limited bindery service which includes, shrink-wrapping, NCR padding, laminating, cutting, stitching (stapling), and 3-hole drilling, other bindery is sent off-campus. All work requests are input/tracked/priced in our specially designed Graphics Program. The billing for both the Mailroom and Graphics is processed through our department. We maintain our own inventories, process purchase order requests, quote, track, and work with outside vendors to complete our work requests and provide special request purchases for departments as needed.

*July 1, 2007 the Graphic Design Area was relocated to the College Promotions Department