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Telephone Switchboard

Instructors may use the college telephones in their division office or the Part-time Faculty Office to make local calls. A phone is also located in the Staff Lounge. Public telephones are also situated throughout the campus.

To report problems with your campus phone, please contact Edith Cardinali x58240.

The CCCD Telecommunications web site was developed to provide documentation on the voice terminals, system features, and how to configure your voice mailbox. In addition, District and national telephone directories are available.

On-Campus Phone Directory Assistance

Telephone – call extension 26498 (or 714.892.7711 x26498 from off-campus) and follow the voice prompts

Computer -- you may already have both the GWC Local Phonebook and GWC Web Phonebook shortcut icons on your computer desktop on campus. After opening a phonebook, click on the appropriate directory at the bottom of the page. Q:\AdmSvcs\CSS\Phonebook\PBook.xls

A separate Division/Area Offices Directory is also available.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? – If you cannot find the phone number you need by using the resources listed above, please contact Edith Cardinali x58240. She has offered to help you find the number you need and add it to our directories if appropriate.

Edith Cardinali

To check the status of a possible campus closure due to power outages, flooding, or disaster, please call the Campus Emergency Line at (714) 895-8170. This is a recorded message. For emergencies on campus, please call 911 first and then Public Safety at x58924 to alert them to your location to direct emergency personnel.

Voice Mail

Voice mail can be accessed from any campus phone at x10299 or from off campus by calling (714) 432-5051 (or toll free (877) GO COAST). This audix system allows for posting messages as well as receiving them. To request a voice mailbox, contact your division/department office.