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Welcome to the Design Program @ GWC

Designers create, plan and develop the objects and environments we use and experience in our everyday lives. Design is everywhere. Whatever we wear, sit on, drive, watch or listen to and work with - including our tools, electronics, vehicles, toys, furniture, home or commercial environments - a designer has had a hand in its creation and development. And there is an ongoing demand for new design.

The Golden West College Design Certificate of Specialization was created to help prepare students with the fundamental artistic, digital and technical skills required for careers in design. Popular design careers include; interior design, transportation design, toy design, industrial design, fashion design, furniture design, model making and computer aided design (CAD) just to name a few. More info on the certificate...

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GWC Design Program creates props for Sunset Beach's largest Halloween display.


The GWC Design Program “Enchanted” their student showcase attendees on Friday, December 9, 2012

Our Design program instructor, Greg Wight, has partnered with a local physician who, for the last two (2) years has put on an extraordinary local Halloween event that attracts over 20,000 spectators and media attention. Our GWC Design program students help each year to build life-size props and displays of all sorts, turning the street into a movie-like set.

For last week’s Design show, held Friday, December 9th, our program obtained some of the props used in the Halloween event, embellishing them for display. In addition, the students took the time to build new and innovative displays, using animatronics, in order to turn the evening into an “Enchanting” experience, open to the public.

The Design program holds a student show each semester. Come check out the program. You could be part of the new wave of what the USA does best…Design.



Design Students Create Haunted Fairytales

GWC students volunteer hundreds of hours to Dr. Nobles’ Halloween Extravaganza in Fountain Valley.

During the Month of October, our Golden West College Volunteer Design Team made a significant contribution to the Fountain Valley Halloween event, logging in over 3,000 hours.

Dr. Anthony Noble creates and funds a Halloween extravaganza every year, transforming an entire street into a Halloween ‘Movie Set’.  This year’s theme was ‘Haunted Fairy Tales’ ­— last year it was ‘Star Wars’.  An estimated 18,000 people came out to see the amazing displays.

Students were able to hone their skills, and get some practical experience, working on Disneyland-type sets, characters and projects at 16 different sites on the street. Many students worked on multiple projects and sets, which included the Ariel/Triton set,  Snow White and Matterhorn sets, Humpty Dumpty, Alice in Wonderland, Jack in the Bean Stalk, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Old Lady in the Shoe, Beauty and the Beast, The Three Pigs, and the Rapunzel Tower/Dragon set.

On Halloween night, students acted as tour guides, and others were fairy tale cast members. “It is inspiring to see that kind of hard work, passion, sacrifice and commitment from our students,” said Greg Wight, Design Instructor.

Many of the props were delivered to the GWC Design Studios and will be on display during the Fall 2011 Design Student Show on December 9 at 6PM.

The students have already begun design and preparation work on next year’s theme – ‘The Wizard of Oz’.

More info... 

GWC Design Program at the 2009 Alternative Energy and Transportation Expo

The highlight of the expo was when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger congradtulated the program on building and designing the e-Motion electric vehicle.


E/Motion Vehicle at the 2009 Huntington Beach Green Expo


GWC Design Students E/Motion Vehicle