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Digital Media

The Digital Media certificate provides formal training for individuals who seek entry
into the rapidly growing field of digital media, encompassing digital video production,
audio recording, and digital arts. Students utilize the latest tools to learn about digital
editing on computers using industry standard software and operating systems environments.

Classes are conducted in smart classrooms with the latest instructional tools.
Sizable projects are undertaken in each class providing the students with an opportunity
to add the projects to their portfolios and knowledge to their skill sets.

Students can apply the skills they learn through this program in digital media to careers
in multimedia production, digital video production, digital audio engineering, web
design and development, corporate communications and graphic arts.

Required Courses

Year 1
Fall Semester

Digital Media G100 Digital Media, Introduction 3 Units
Digital Media G110 Digital Audio, Introduction 3 Units

Year 1
Spring Semester

Digital Media G140 Media Production, Introduction 3 Units
Digital Arts G150 Photoshop, Beginning 3 Units

Year 2
Fall Semester

Digital Media G111 Audio Post Production 3 Units
Digital Media G160 Video Editing and Motion Graphics 3 Units

Year 2
Spring Semester

Digital Arts G178 Web Design, Introduction 3 Units
Digital Media G200 Applied Digital Media 3 Units

Total Units 24