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Floral Design PhotoWelcome to Floral Design & Shop Management @ GWC

The Golden West College Floral Design and Shop Management program offers students excellent instruction of industry skills necessary to secure employment in a quick format. Students receive hands-on experience and quality instruction with instructors who are accredited by the American Institute of Floral Designers, AIFD. AIFD is a globally recognized and respected organization, which is dedicated to promoting the art of floral design as a professional career.

The program is aligned with the California Certified Florist’s Certificate and completion of this program will help prepare students for the state exam. The program is designed to provide practical training to enable students to secure employment in the floral industry, enhance professional skills, and pursue entrepreneurship.

Students will learn an internationally recognized occupation and portable skill. The program offers employment opportunities by supporting local businesses by acting as a job clearing house. Students have the opportunity to participate in professional industry events, such as the California State Floral Association’s Annual Event, Top Ten Design Competition and Student Competition, the AIFD National Symposium and local industry design shows. Golden West College students consistently earn honors and win awards at the Orange County Fair during floral design competitions, including “Best of Show”.

“Events:  Inspiration and Perspiration”
Carolyn Fowler AIFD, CFD, M.ED

The Shirley Haas SAIFD Chapter from Golden West College hosted their Artist in Residence (AIR) Program on Saturday, March 15, 2014.  Ms. Carolyn Fowler AIFD, a veteran of the floral industry was the guest educator.  Carolyn Fowler’s experience in the floral industry spans from retail to education to special event design and more.  She has taught floral design at private schools as well as a full-time faculty position, running the Floral Department at the College of Southern Nevada (CSN).  Carolyn served as an advisor to the Elaine Wynn Student AIFD Chapter at CSN, has presented an Artist in Residence (AIR) program at CSN, and continues to mentor the SAIFD Chapter members as Professor Emeritus.  Carolyn Fowler is not only an amazing, creative floral designer but she is also an exceptional educator.  Her passion for the industry is translated to the students through her remarkable teaching skills and excellent presentation style.



“Monumental Mechanical Meltdown – An Avoidance Guide” Featuring Noel Tribbey AIFD, CFDGolden West College’s Shirley Haas Student Chapter of the
American Institute of Floral Designers


“Monumental Mechanical Meltdown – An Avoidance Guide”
Featuring Noel Tribbey AIFD, CFD

The Shirley Haas SAIFD Chapter from Golden West College hosted their Artist in Residence (AIR) Program at their Huntington Beach campus on Sunday, April 7, 2013. Noel Tribbey AIFD, a 33-year veteran of the floral industry was the guest educator. Mr. Tribbey was the 1st place winner in the 1990 California Top Ten Designer of the Year competition and was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) in 1991. He has presented at AIFD National Symposium and served as South West Regional President. Noel creates amazing floral designs and Christmas décor for hotels, casinos, and private residences and works as a merchandising and display consultant. He has also applied his talents to Sweepstakes winning Rose Parade Floats and was a 15-year member of the floral design team of the Academy Awards. It is no wonder with his background he chose the topic of his AIR program to be “mechanics”. As he says, “It’s all about the mechanics!”

Noel emphasized the AIFD Guide to Floral Design’s mechanics chapter by incorporating product displays of basic floral mechanics for the students to examine. Mechanics from zip ties to kubari and cages to igloos and adhesives of all types, including their proper use with different materials, were covered. The basics of floral mechanics were explained and demonstrated but when his creativity kicked in that is when the real need for engineering mechanics took off. Noel used recycled materials, unique items and even slightly
damaged vessels as containers in such a way that “basic” mechanics had to be rethought. His excellent ability as an educator took the students to a new level as he allowed everyone into his mind and thought processes as he figured out just how to “make it work”. The students were challenged to use critical-thinking skills to help decide just how the mechanics permit the execution of a successful design. Once the mechanics had been securely established, Tribbey began his magic.

With generous donations of fresh flowers from Orange County Wholesale Flowers in Santa Ana, CA, Noel Tribbey created amazing floral designs using advanced procedures and methods. With the heart of a teacher, he shared his techniques of design while using the countless donated products from Shinoda Design Center, Santa Ana, CA. The students were included in the preparation of the program as well as given the opportunity to design under pressure as Noel randomly called for a student to complete a creation. This type of student involvement created wonderful learning experiences for everyone in attendance. One of the special techniques the students enjoyed was how to create the foam’s own container by dipping the dry foam in hot melt glue. Other favorite pieces were a beautiful design in a lantern with branches and wire accents, a driftwood inspired ocean-like piece suspended above the vase, a gorgeous arrangement in a wax vase, a horizontal in bamboo as well as a freestanding screen that was quite the show opener, just to list a few.
The Shirley Haas Chapter is grateful to their sponsors and to Noel Tribbey AIFD for sharing his talent, time, and expertise with our current students, alumnus, faculty, and the community. “Monumental Mechanical Meltdown – An Avoidance Guide” was an incredible educational journey that delighted everyone in attendance. The unselfish sharing of knowledge, tips, and techniques is truly, what the American Institute of Floral Design stands for. Another successful Artist in Residence program!

Ivana RoyseFloral Design Program Alumni Wins California Designer of the Year

Ivana Royse CFD,CCF, alumni of the GWC Floral Design and Shop Management Certificate program, received the top honor at the California State Floral Association's Annual Cali-Flora Top Ten Design Competition - "Legends" on Sunday, October 14th in Los Angeles. Ivana's designer's choice arrangement focused on the California gold rush and incorporated amazing varieties of flowers and foliage to create her interpretation of the "Art of the Gold Rush - Panning for Gold". Congratulations Ivana!! The Golden West College Floral Design program was well represented!! Ivana will now go on to represent the state of California at the Society of American Florist's Sylvia Cup Competition in September 2013 in Phoneix, Arizona.


We are a Student Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers (SAIFD) – the only Student Chapter in Southern California.

The Golden West College Floral Design Program is the only college certificate floral design program in Orange County.