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For more information about the Floral Design Program contact:

Gail Call, AIFD
Associate Professor,
Floral Design

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Certificate of Achievement

Floral Design and Shop Management

Required Courses   Units
Floral Design G110 Basic Floral Design 3
Floral Design G111 Floral Business Practicum 2.5
Floral Design G115 Wedding Designs 2
Floral Design G120 Advanced Designs in Global Floristry 2
Floral Design G125 Advanced Floral Design - Events and Display 2
Floral Design G127 Creativity and Competition 2
Floral Design G132 Permanent Botanicals 2
Floral Design G150 Floral Productions Practicum 2
Choose one course, 3 units, from the Group Below:

Management G152

Starting a Business - Entrepreneurial Small Business

Business G100

Introduction to Business 3
Marketing G100
Principles of Marketing 3
  Total Units 20.5

Associate in Arts (AA) Degree

Major: Floral Design and Shop Management

Students may wish to take additional courses in order to complete the 60 units required for an Associate in Arts degree. Completing the Floral Design Certificate of Achievement courses will fulfill the ‘Area of Emphasis’ AA Degree requirement.

Certificate of Achievement+General Education Courses+Electives = AA DEGREE

RECOMMENDED ELECTIVES: The following courses are specifically selected to enhance the Floral Design curriculum.

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