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Shirley Haas SAIFD Chapter 2016 Artist in Residence Program

The Shirley Haas SAIFD Chapter from Golden West College, Huntington Beach, California, hosted their Artist in Residence (AIR) Program on Sunday, April 24, 2016. Ivana Royse AIFD, Golden West College Floral Design program alumni, was the guest educator.  Ivana’s expertise in the floral industry spans from owning her own business, Ivan’s Floral Décor, to competing in the California State Floral Association’s Top-Ten Competition earning Top Ten status and People’s Choice winner in 2011, and People’s Choice winner and FIRST place in 2013.  Ivana’s work has been published in multiple magazines and she is an advocate of continued education.

Ivana’s presentation was titled “Designing for Professional Events and Weddings.” Students of the Shirley Haas SAIFD Chapter extended this educational opportunity to fellow Golden West College students, alumni, the floral industry and the community.  The outcome of the students’ marketing efforts and community outreach turned out to be a successful full-house!  Each guest had the pleasure of learning from Ivana’s well-planned lecture and demonstrations.  Our students also spent time with our esteemed presenter, Ivana, while she was preparing for her show.  Our SAIFD members worked with Ivana before and during the show, one-on-one, learning new techniques and sharing in this amazing experience.  Our students are very grateful for this opportunity.
The AIR program showcased two professional events and two weddings.  For professional events, Ivana discussed the importance of complementing but not taking away from the event and the speaker, creating pieces that reflect an overall color scheme and theme yet standout as statement designs on their own.  She encouraged the students to have the courage to create designs that deviate from current and overdone trends. 

In the first event,  Ivana focused on the use of bright sunny colors and sunflowers.  Ivana created a podium and stage design that showcased the use of different textures and movement by utilizing complementary and contrasting florals and colors.  The sunflower theme was further expressed by a large floral wall, using Oasis Floral Foam Tiles.  Ivana shared her method of outlining a pattern on the floral foam canvas and bringing her floral art to life using a pave technique.  She also recommended the value of designing a take-away piece, such as a bouquet to be giving as a prized take-home gift to the main speaker or event host.  Ivana shared that not only is this gesture well received but it further assists in developing strong business relationships.  Each client, speaker, host, guest, etc. you meet and work with are new networks to showcase and share your work ethic, talent, and professionalism to other possible future design opportunities.

The second event Ivana presented was a scenario in which the only request from the client is a particular color scheme.  This specific color scheme was a request for bright purple, red, and turquoise hues.  Natural turquoise florals are a rare breed; however Ivana showed how to fulfill a client’s request to not only meet but exceed the client’s expectations.  Ivana shared products such as Design Master Just for Flowers to turn an ordinary flower into a one-of-a-kind unique floral that is now rare and exquisite.  Succulents coated with turquoise created a supernatural succulent that popped this amazing color palette.  Another surprise to this contemporary corporate design was the use of mesh wire from the hardware store to weave throughout her pieces creating movement and textured bling.  The designs showcased for this colorful event were cocktail table pieces, a centerpiece, a podium piece, and another fantastic floral wall.  Amazing!!

Ivana’s wedding designs verified her design expertise as she softened the palette while continuing to use unique design techniques.  The highlight of this event was a special creation of soft pinks, cream and white florals designed as a three-dimensional “painting” of an over-filled abundant vase of beautiful flowers.  Ivana dismantled an actual painting, and then used the beautiful frame, added a customized vase and fresh flowers to create this distinctive and gorgeous floral art piece.  Stunning!

The Shirley Haas SAIFD Chapter would like to thank our generous sponsors, Shinoda Design Center and OC Wholesale Flowers of Santa Ana for their continued support of our students.  The lavish products which were made available to our Artist, ensured for a successful event.  The Shirley Haas Chapter’s 2016 Artist in Residence event, featuring Ivana Royse AIFD was professional, spectacular and thoroughly enjoyed by all! Thank you Ivana for sharing your talent, time, and expertise with us!!

Respectfully submitted by Janine Magpusao and Gail Call AIFD

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