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2008 Orange County Fair
Floral Design Competition Winners

It was a proud day for the Floral Department of Golden West College!

Three current GWC students took First, Second and Third place at the 2008 Orange County Fair’s Floral Design Contest.

This contest was an “on-site” competition where the students received a “Surprise Box” filled with all the elements needed to create a beautiful design, including their choice of a floral container and a table full of flowers. The fresh flowers were generously donated by Orange County Wholesale Flowers in Santa Ana.

Students were allowed 15 minutes to prepare their container and study their flowers, then the fun really began. With eleven students competing, from various community colleges, they were given one hour to create their own unique masterpiece. A large crowd watched the competition, with many spectators taking pictures. All eleven contestants kept their cool and completed their projects within the one hour timeline. At the end of the competition there were eleven incredible designs.

Golden West College student Mihoko Otsuko placed First, Trang Nguyen placed Second with Tina Do taking Third place.

Congratulations GWC Floral Design students! You rock!!!

First Place Winner Mihoko Otsuko Second Place Winner Trang Nguyen Third Place Winner Tina Do
Mihoko Otsuko
First Place
Trang Nguyen
Second Place
Tina Do
Third Place