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The Developmental Math Program

Located in the Learning Resource Center, the Developmental Math Program is designed for students who desire to improve their mathematics skills in Arithmetic, Pre-algebra, Algebra, and Geometry.


Mathematics G010/G010L - 4 Units
Elementary Algebra

Prerequisites: Mathematics G008 or Mathematics Placement Assessment
This course is equivalent to a first-year high school algebra course. The topics covered include properties of real numbers, simplifying polynomial, rational, and radical expressions, and solving linear, quadratic, rational, and radical equations in one variable. The rectangular coordinate system is covered including graphing linear equations in two variables and solving systems of linear equations in two variables. Applications of mathematical concepts are incorporated throughout the course. This course is taught in a combined large lecture and laboratory format. Lecture & lab. Letter grade only. Not transferable, not degree applicable.

MATHEMATICS G030/G030L - 4 Units
Intermediate Algebra

Prerequisites: Mathematics G010 or Mathematics Placement Assessment
This course is equivalent to a second-year high school algebra course. Topics include absolute value, rational exponents, radicals, linear equations and inequalities, quadratic equations and inequalities, functional notation, linear and quadratic functions, conic sections, logarithms, exponential and logarithmic functions, linear systems in two and three variables, sequences, and series. Lecture & lab. Letter grade only.

The Developmental Math Program Contact Information:

Dr. Alex Miranda
Division Dean
714-892-7711 x58180
Office Location: LRC 338
Lindsay McNutt
Division Office Coordinator
714-892-7711 x58947
Office Location: LRC 339
Professor Gregg Carr
Program Chair
714-892-7711 x55233
Office Location: LRC 135
Dr. Erin Craig
Program Coordinator
714-892-7711 x51216
Office Location: LRC 136
Gita Alemansour
Full-time Faculty
714-892-7711 x51090
Office Location: LRC 326
Maryam Khakbazan
Full-time Faculty
714-892-7711 x52296
Office Location: LRC 326