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Getting to know the ASGWC President

Interview with David Lopez

David, what would you like to share with our readers about yourself?

I am twenty years old and in my fifth semester at Golden West. I plan to stay a third year because I don’t feel confident about transferring right away, plus I have found a mentor in Dr. Bruce Bales. He is a walking encyclopedia. There is so much that I can learn from him.

I love to play the piano and sing in the choir, which I have been doing since I was in the sixth grade. Two of my high school music teachers took notice of my talent and inspired me to continue my studies. Focusing on my music and singing has helped me stay out of trouble and focus my energy. In addition to my love of music, I love track and have completed two seasons in track at Golden West.

What positions did you hold in student government prior to becoming ASGWC President?

In 2006/2007, I was a student senator for the Publicity Committee and in spring of 2007, I became the Chairperson for the Publicity Committee. In 2007/2008 I was Public Relations Officer.

What do you wish to accomplish as ASGWC president?

I believe in shared governance; students should have a voice at Golden West College. My goals are to have at least 75% student representation and to give our student leaders the experience of participating on campus-wide committees with faculty, staff and administrators. This will give our student leaders the opportunity to put into practice leadership skills that they can’t get from only reading books.

How will you go about that?

I don’t believe it will be too difficult. If I see a student who is serious and has potential to gain something from sitting in on a meeting, I simply ask them if they would like to serve our campus by being on a committee. If they are interested, I explain the importance of student representation in regard to their input and personal gain. I feel I have achieved acquiring more student representation on committees.

Do you have time in your busy schedule to participate in any campus committees?

I make time. I have had to work my class schedule around the campus’ committee schedules in order to attend. Being in student government has helped me to understand how to manage my time to do both.

Is there one committee you try to visit more than others?

Yes, the Board of Trustees meetings. I go in there and I’m just in awe. It’s ultimately their example I look up to as the goal I want to reach. I want to teach high school for about ten to fifteen years, and then move to an administrative position. Watching the Board members has helped me to realize that is the goal I want to achieve.

Would you recommend that each of the student council members attend one of the Board meetings to perhaps get an inside view of what takes place?

Yes, I’ve actually had one of the council members attend in my absence and he thought the experience was very interesting. He could see the importance of keeping discussions in order during student council meetings. Following the Board’s example of structure has helped me be more confident in running council meetings and I have a better understanding of policies and procedures that I can pass on to the newer members of the council.

What are your transfer and career plans?

I’d like to transfer to Cal State Fullerton because they have a great instrumental music program. I am majoring in music at Golden West, but when I transfer, I want to get my teaching credential in history. After I graduate I want to become a choral director and history teacher at the high school level. I want to have the same impact on students that my two high school music teachers had on me. I believe that if I can help just one student, my life’s goal will have been reached.

As you are exiting GWC, what words of advice or wisdom would you like to pass on to the new population of students at Golden West?

My advice to them would be to not only gain knowledge, but to join a club, student government, or join a sport. That way, they will not only be well rounded but will get a better understanding of how things are done. Though we have many different departments, we all work for the same reason. I feel that will help students have a better preparation to enter the real world. Also, though people are different and have different personalities and goals, we all have to work together. I believe that participation will encourage this.