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Ruster Sam

Meet Rustler Sam - Mascot of Golden West College

Howdy folks! Join us as we celebrate Rustler Sam's 40th Birthday in the 2009-2010 school year!

Check back soon for event details!

Rustler Sam was created in an era when TV westerns were all the rage and movie cowboys had yet to be replaced by firefighters as the rescue heroes of choice.

Students who admired the nationally syndicated Tumbleweeds comic strip character Tumbleweed wrote to its creator, Tom K. Ryan, in Muncie, Ind., in 1968 to ask if they could use it as their mascot.

Ryan wrote back to say that he didn't think Sagebrush Sam would work, but he drew them their very own cowpoke instead.

As payment, Ryan asked for an "extra large sweatshirt with emblem imprint when available," a school pennant and pictures of the college.

Rustler Sam was adopted by the campus as the official mascot in 1969.

The original Rustler Sam had a beard and a cigarette drooping from his lips.

In the 1990s, students concerned about the dangers of smoking sparked a redesign that gave Sam a shave and removed his smoke. He still holds a branding iron, which real rustlers used to change the brands on cattle they had stolen, and a holster on one hip.

Before and After Rustler Sam

Sam also has his trusty horse Bob who he can call on at a moments notice to ride him into the sunset. Rustler Sam and Bob the Horse

Ode to Rustler Sam

Faster than a speeding antelope!
More powerful than an iron horse!
Able to leap tall Texans in a single bound!
Look! Out on the plains! It's a coyote!
It's a desert rat! No! It's Rustler Sam!

Secretly disguised as a mild-mannered
sex symbol for the ASGWC.
Rustler Sam goes about his daily life
only to emerge as Mascot!
In his never-ending right to defend Justice,
Peace, and the Golden West Way!
Rustler Sam!
Defender of Right!

Ode to Sam