GWC Swap Meet
Reservations/Office Hours
Vendor Information
Campus Map [PDF]

Open Saturdays & Sundays
8 a.m. to 3 p.m., rain or shine.

Holiday Dates Closed:
Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 21, 2019

Phone Number & 24 Hour Information
(714) 895-0888

E-Mail Address: community_services

15744 Goldenwest Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92647


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Vendor Information

Business License Information

The City of Huntington Beach requires any vendor selling more that eight (8) times to purchase a Business License.

Please contact the City of Huntington Beach for more information:
2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648 - (714) 536-5267

Address Information
Please make sure that both Seller’s Permit and Business License list the Golden West College Swap Meet address:
15744 Golden West Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Seller’s Permit Information

The State Board of Equalization requires all vendors who sell more than two (2) times, in a 12-month period to obtain a Seller’s Permit

The following types of Seller’s Permits (usually printed on goldenrod paper) will be accepted for the Swap Meet:

    1. Individual Seller’s Permit – The seller’s name will appear on the seller’s permit.
    2. Individual Seller’s Permit with Additional Sellers – The seller’s name will appear on the seller’s permit with “et. al.” after their name. Must have list of individuals authorized to sell attached.
    3. Business Seller’s Permit – The seller’s permit will have the businesses name on the permit with a list of individuals authorized to sell attached.
    4. Consolidated Seller’s Permit – This permit authorizes the seller to sell at all swap meets in California.
    5. Temporary Seller’s Permit – The temporary permit is valid for a three-month period and will have an expiration date on it.

Please contact your local
State Board of Equalization office
for more information:

Culver City 5901 Green Valley Circle
PO Box 3652,
(310) 342-1000
El Centro 1550 West Main Street,
(760) 352-3431
Irvine 16715 Von Karman Ave., Suite 200 (949) 440-3473
Norwalk 12440 E. Imperial Highway,
PO Box 409,
(562) 466-1694
Rancho Mirage 42-700 Bob Hope Drive, Suite 301,
(760) 346-8096
Redding 2881 Churn Creek Rd, Suite B,
(530) 224-4729
Riverside 3737 Main Street, Suite 1000,
(951) 680-6400
San Diego 1350 Front Street, Suite 1400,
(616) 525-4526
San Marcos 334 Via Vera Cruz, Suite 107,
(760) 510-5850
Van Nuys 15350 Sherman Way, Suite 250,
91406 (PO Box 7735, 91409-7735)
(818) 904-2300
West Covina 1521 W. Cameron Ave., Suite 300, 91790-2738
(PO Box 1500, 91793-1500
(626) 480-7200

State Board of Equalization Headquarters
Sacramento PO Box, 942879 (800) 400-7115


New Merchandise
Any item or unit that has not been previously owned.

    1. Irregular, seconds, or damaged merchandise
    2. Refurbished items
    3. Returned items
    4. Surplus

Example: baseball cards, carpet samples, fabric by the yard, perfume, cosmetics, plants, flowers and most artwork. The above merchandise can be sold on Sunday only. To apply to sell items on Saturdays, please refer to “New Merchandise Application Information” below.

Used Merchandise
Any item or unit that has been previously owned and/or utilized is considered “used” merchandise and may be sold on Saturday and/or Sunday.
Example: garage or rummage sale items.

Handcrafted Merchandise
Handcrafted/homemade items that comply with the contractual guidelines are acceptable year round.
Example: silk flower arrangements, pillows, ceramics and jewelry that are hand made by the vendor.

Vendors can be ordered to vacate spaces if any merchandise displayed is in violation of their contract.


It is the intention of the Enterprise that the swap meet will offer a wide variety of legal items that are of interest to the purchasing community. The Enterprise also follows all state, county, and city rules and regulations governing Swap Meets and general business practices when considering restricting items for sale. The Enterprise reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any items that it determines inappropriate. Products that are deemed to be inappropriate and possibly detrimental to the success of the Swap Meet will be considered to be “restricted items”. Items are placed on restriction to help balance the environment of the Swap Meet.
Example: medicinal items (aspirin, diet products, etc.) counterfeit merchandise, firearms, ammunition, volatile chemicals, illegal-type knives and weapons, drug-related paraphernalia, pornographic/nudity items, and animals/livestock.

No services may be offered or sold. No distribution of flyers or handouts is permitted. No generators allowed without Swap Meet Administration approval.

If there are any questions about the merchandise you are selling, please contact Swap Meet Administration.


The second Sunday of every month spaces for the next month will be available. Wristbands will be distributed in the Amphitheater at Campus Entrance I, from 5:30am to 6:30am to all potential vendors present. At 6:35am we will begin drawing priority numbers. Those whose numbers are called will be given a colored ticket with a specific time to report to the Swap Meet Office to purchase spaces.

ADVANCE SALES (after lotto day)

Available spaces may be purchased in advance Monday - Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm in the Community Services Office, and Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am to 12:00pm at the Swap Meet Office (Advance spaces will NOT be sold on Lotto Sundays). Your current photo ID is required. Spaces may be purchased by cash or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).

Continuing vendors may purchase spaces over the phone using a VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express Monday – Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm by calling (714) 895-0895. Spaces purchased by phone must be purchased at least 14 days in advance.

Advance regular spaces are $40 per space and advance corner spaces are $90 per pair.


If the Swap Meet is not sold out available same day spaces will be sold on a first come first served basis starting at 6:30am.

If the Swap Meet is sold out we will hand out numbers for a lottery drawing from 6:30am to 8:00am. We will begin calling numbers for the lottery about 8:30am. Your current photo ID is required. Spaces may be purchased by cash or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express).

Same day regular spaces are $50 per space and same day corner spaces are $110 per pair.


Daily Vendor – A vendor who does not receive a monthly invoice.

Monthly Vendor – A vendor who has been approved to receive a monthly invoice. To apply for monthly status please refer to “Monthly Vendor Application Information” below.


Application Cards will only be handed out when space is available between January 1 and September 30 each year.

New Merchandise Application Information
Vendors who wish to sell new merchandise on Saturday should complete a New Merchandise Application Card. These cards are available in the Swap Meet office during regular business hours. Your request is valid for six months only. Approved vendors will be notified.

Monthly Vendor Application Information
Vendors who wish to become a monthly vendor should complete a Monthly Vendor Application Card. These cards are available in the Swap Meet office during regular business hours. Approved vendors will be notified and an appointment will be scheduled to finalize monthly status.

Food Vendor Application Information
Food or beverage items may not be sold without Swap Meet Administration approval. Vendors who wish to sell food should complete a Food Application Card. These cards are available in the Swap Meet office during regular business hours. Approved vendors will be notified and the appropriate permits will be requested.


Tarps All canopies and tarps must have 25-pound weights on all vertical poles.
Trash Boxes and cartons should be emptied and then folded before dumping. You are responsible for your own trash.
Space Limit There is a four-space limit per vendor per selling date.
Space Size Selling spaces are 8 feet wide by 18 feet deep. Vehicle parking space included. Corner spaces are sold in pairs (example E1 & E2).
Subleasing Spaces may not be subleased. (Subleasing – selling or giving your space to another person.)
Refunds All Sales are final. No refunds, credits or rain checks are given.


If you purchase more than one space, the extra area may be used for selling, if the vehicle parking area is completely sealed off from pedestrian access either by your vehicle and/or barrier. The vehicle and/or barrier must remain inside the purchased selling spaces. (See below)

Selling Space Image

Space Map

Download the swap meet campus space map [PDF]

You will need a copy of Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing the .pdf file linked to this page.

To download a FREE reader, select the link below to connect to Adobe’s web site