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Responsible Employee FAQ's for Faculty and Staff

All Employees are Considered Responsible Employees and are Required to Report Sexual Harassment or Sexual Assault Incidents!

Why do I have to report a sexual assault or sexual harassment incident?

First and foremost, CCCD strives to provide a safe environment in which students can pursue their education free from the detrimental effects of sexual misconduct.  If there is a culture of sexual violence in our community, then we are not meeting this effort.  Reporting incidents of sexual misconduct help us in meeting this effort.
Second, Title IX of the United States Department of Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities.  Sexual harassment, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sexual discrimination.  A student who is sexually harassed or assaulted may also suffer from unequal access to educational opportunities and may be afraid to come to campus, go to class, or visit a faculty or staff member’s office.  While statistics on sexual violence on campuses across the nation have increased, it is still believed that these cases are severely underreported.  In April 2011, The US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights distributed a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL).  The DCL expanded the required steps that schools (colleges and K-12) must take if there is a violation of Title IX to now include all employees of college campuses to be mandated reporters. 

What do I have to report?

If a student reports that she/he has been sexually victimized then you are required by Title IX to report all information you are given to the District's Title IX Officer or Title IX coordinators at your campus.  Even if the assault occurs off campus, if it involves District students, it must be reported.  For your convenience, there is Report Form that you can fill out on-line.

What is Considered Sexual Misconduct and relationship violence?

Sexual contact means touching of any private body part, including, but not limited to: genitalia, buttocks, anus or breasts of another or causing such person to touch genitalia, anus, buttocks or breasts of another.

Sexual contact is considered non-consensual if:

When do I let the student know that I am required to report?

If a student begins to tell you about a sexual assault or sexual harassment incident you should interrupt the student and explain you are mandated to report any information she/he confides in you.  Being prepared by having the statement below on your syllabus or in your office may help to keep misunderstandings from occurring.

“I need to tell you that I am considered a mandated reporter.  I must inform the District that an incident has occurred.  I don’t want to scare or intimidate you, but your personal safety and overall health is our number one concern.  The reason we do this report is to make sure you are able to get all the help and support you need.  If you do not want details of what occurred reported or are not interested in making a complaint at this time, you have the right to maintain your privacy.  I will only report what you confide in me.”

How should I respond to a student who reports to me?

The most important things to do are to listen, believe the student, ask if the student feels safe, and determine how to help with physical and mental health.  Encourage the student to report the incident to one or more of the following options:

Emergency  9-1-1


Campus Public Safety   (714) 895- 8924
Student Health Center  (714) 895-8379
Crisis Alert Team (714) 895-8999 
Vice President Student Life & Administrative Services, Title IX Coordinator
(714) 895- 8307 


Campus Public Safety  (714) 432-5555
Student Health Center  (714) 432-5808
BAT (Behavioral Assessment Team) (714) 432-5026  
Associate Dean, Title IX and Student Relations  (714) 432-5930


Vice President Student Services, Title IX Coordinator (714) 546-6160


Title IX Officer   (714) 438-4707
If the incident involves CCCD faculty or staff, you can file a complaint with the District Office of Human Resources (714-438-4707).

All of the above options are available to the student, and can be pursued individually or simultaneously. You might offer to walk the student over to the Student Health Center.

How soon do I have to report?

You need to report the incident immediately after hearing or witnessing a sexual assault or sexual harassment incident.  The sooner you report, the sooner the information can be investigated and less opportunity for an offender to continue the behavior.

How far back can a case be reported?

Sexual misconduct incidents can be reported as far back as the victim OR the alleged offender was a student at the District at the time of the incident. 

Examples of Sexual Misconduct: