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Associate Degree for Transfer

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Completing the CSU Application

Go to

Select Apply Online > Undergraduate Application > Fall term

  1. Create a user name and password
  2. Enrollment Section
    1. Select the term
    2. Select the campus in which you plan to apply
    3. Select your major
    4. Select teaching credential if you are applying to teaching majors.
    5. Entry status = Junior / Upper Division Transfer (60 – 89.9 units)
  3. Name and Address
    1. Enter legal name, permanent address, etc.
  4. Personal Information
    1. Enter Social Security number (if you don’t have one, leave this blank)
    2. Enter date of birth
    3. Residency information : Enter appropriate information
    4. Family Education, Income and Size Information: This information is required for all applicants interested in EOP or an admission application fee waiver. Your answers in this section will be used to help determine your eligibility for the application fee waiver and/or EOP.
  5. High School Preparation
    1. You are automatically exempt from this section when you indicate that you are an upper-division transfer student with 60 or more units. This should be “shaded” grey on your checklist.
  6. College Information
    1. Add “Golden West College” and any other campus attended, including Orange Coast College, Coastline College, etc. Also, include any other institution you haven’t attended yet but plan on taking classes in the next semester before transferring.
    2. Enter dates attended including start and end dates. For Example: If you started Fall 2006 and will end Fall 2010, enter from = 08/06 and to=12/10).
    3. Enter GPA
    4. Eligible to re-enroll at prior institutions. If you are eligible to re-enroll, put yes for all.
  7. Advanced Standing Credit
    1. If you have earned college credit based on exam results for International Baccalaureate (IB), College Board Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP), or from military credit earned through the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, National Guard, or the Navy, please check the appropriate box or boxes.
  8. College Courses
    1. Enter coursework and units in progress.
    2. Enter courses planned for remaining term.
    3. General Education Requirements needed for entry (Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking, and College Mathematics).
  9. EOP
    1. Complete if you wish to be considered for EOP at the CSU
    2. MUST complete supplemental application (can be done online)
  10. Fee Waiver
    1. Complete if you wish to be considered for fee waiver
    2. Enter info and click “I understand, Calculate my fee waiver eligibility”
    3. If granted, you will be notified immediately on the screen and you will not be required to submit the $55 application fee per campus.
    4. If you do not qualify, you will need to provide either a Credit Card to complete payment, or mail check immediately to the address provided in the application.
  11. If you need help – you can use the online resources or save your application and come into the Transfer Center for assistance (no appointment necessary).

Note: After you submit your application, please check with each individual university to which you applied to see when you need to submit transcripts. Make sure to request your final transcript with GE certification! Please contact your counselor or the Transfer Center at (714) 895-8794 or (714) 895-8348 if you have any questions or need help with the application.