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Associate Degree for Transfer

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UC Admissions Checklist

1. Review your academic records by meeting with a GWC counselor visiting university representatives in the Transfer Center to determine your eligibility and competiveness as a transfer applicant, and application filing dates for admission.

2. Research the UC campus and major to determine selectivity. If your major is highly selective, find out what the admissions requirements are and when they should be completed, i.e. grade point average, major prep courses and any other supplemental materials such as portfolios, interviews or letters of recommendation.

3. Do not delay taking your math and English requirements. Some UC campuses require these courses to be completed by the previous Fall Term if applying for Fall admission.

4. Take courses for your major early on. The UC gives highest priority to students that complete major coursework early in their academic career.

5. Complete your General Education (GE) requirements, usually by completing the Intersegmental General Education
Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or UC breadth.

On-line Application
All UC campuses (except Berkeley and Merced)

Fall Quarter 2012

November 1- 30, 2011

Winter Quarter 2013

July 1-31, 2012

Spring Quarter 2013

October 1- 31, 2012


Fall Semester 2013

November 1- 30, 2012


Fall Semester 2013

November 1- 30, 2012

Spring Semester 2013

July 1- 31, 2012

6. Apply on time and apply broadly. Observe all of the important application filing deadlines. All UC campuses accept Fall admission, which requires you to apply a full year in advance. Apply online.

Note: Not all campuses are open for Winter or Spring Term, please check each individual campus for more information.

7. Attend Admissions and Application workshops through the Transfer Center. Sign up for the Eng W025 course (Writing the University Application Letter) in the Writing Center for help with your personal statement.

8. Complete 60 UC transferable units with a minimum 2.4 GPA for minimum eligibility (2.8 for non-residents). The GPA for admission can be significantly higher.

9. GWC has the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) with UCD, UCI, UCM, UCR, UCSD, UCSB and UCSC
Please check with the Transfer Canter for more information.

*Note: When requesting GWC transcripts to be sent to the UC, make sure to select
G.E. Certification on your transcript request form.