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Associate Degree for Transfer

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Frequently Asked Questions About TAG

What is a TAG?
A TAG is a Transfer Admission Guarantee to a specific university.  It is a contract that you submit to the university of your choice so that you can be guaranteed admission early.  A TAG is a great tool to use to be sure that you have meet the admission criteria for transfer and will be completing the appropriate courses for General Education and for your future major.

Which universities offer a TAG?
TAGS are available with the following universities:  UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz , UC Santa Barbara.

Do I have to see a counselor to submit a TAG?
Though not required, you are encouraged to meet with a Golden West College counselor to review your TAG.  You should study the TAG criteria, determine your eligibility, start your online TAG application, and develop a list of specific questions prior to this meeting.
Students who meet with a counselor MUST bring the following paperwork to the counseling session:

Can I submit a paper TAG?
No, all TAG’s must be submitted online.

When can I begin working on my TAG?
Application website opens July 1.
Go to:

When do I submit my TAG?
September 1-30 (for Fall admission).  (UC Merced will accept TAGS for transfer in Spring, deadline is May 1-31).
You are advised to not wait until the last minute to submit your TAG so there will be adequate time to address any issues that may surface.

What do I need to be eligible for a TAG?
The specific criterion for a TAG varies by each university and by the major that you are preparing for at the universities to which you would like to transfer.   Please see the 2012-2013 UC TAG Matrix for more information.

How can I check on the status of my TAG and when will I be notified by UC? 
To check on the status of your TAG log on to the home page of the UC TAG Application System at

What if my TAG is “not authorized” or “denied,” can I still apply for admission to UC?
You may still apply to UC through the regular admissions process.

Once I sign a TAG, do I have to go to that specific university?
No, you are not required to attend the university to which you are submitting a TAG. 

Do I need to submit official transcripts when I sign a TAG?
No, all information submitted is a self report.   When you submit a TAG contract you can use unofficial records.  It is only after you are admitted to a university that you will be required to submit official records from all colleges and universities previously attended.

Do I need to tell the universities about coursework completed at previous colleges attended, even if I don’t like the grades I earned or I went to university in another country?
Yes, you are required to report all previous coursework completed at a previous community college or university, either in the US or internationally*.  Falsification of records is a serious issue and can result in expulsion from a university if you do not report all records and are admitted based on incomplete information.
*Students who have completed university level coursework in other countries are NOT eligible for TAGS at the following universities: UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC San Diego.

Do I still need to apply to the UCs/CSUs after I submit my TAG?
Yes, you are still responsible for completing the general UC or CSU application for admission. 
The application fee for the UCs is $65 per school.