Environmental Efficiency/Renewable Energy
EERE Program

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Associate Degree for Transfer
Associate Degree for Transfer

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Associate in Arts Degree
Major - Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy

Course Listing (21.5 total units):

Year 1
Fall Semester

Envs G100 Introduction to Environmental Studies 3 Units
ET G100 Electrical Fundamentals: AC-DC Circuits 4 Units
Drafting G105 Basic Engineering Drafting I - CAD 3 Units

Year 1
Spring Semester

Envs G133 Energy Audit I 4 Units
Envs G170 Renewable Energy Sources and Applications 3 Units
Business G155 Customer Service for the 21st Century 3 Units
Envs G190 Practicum 1.5 Units

Recommended Possible Electives
Envs G160 Solar Energy I 4 Units
Envs G162 Solar Energy II 4 Units
Biology G120 Man and Disease 3 Units
Chemistry G110 Introduction Chemistry 5 Units
Comm Studies G108 Intro to Communication 3 Units
Ecology G100 People and their Environment 3 Units
World Languages G180
or G185 Elementary Language 5 Units